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Howto: install maps to your SD Card on Tomtom

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Tomtom offers most of their maps as a download. This has certain advantages, as you are sure to have them fast and they’re much cheaper than before. Installing these maps to an SD card in a Tomtom is not the easiest thing to do, and cost me (and lots of others, if you check the fora on the internet) a lot of time. I did find out though, and here it is, in

First, the details :

  • Tomtom One XL Europe
  • 1 GB SD card
  • Tomtom Home 2.1 (required for the install, I’ll explain later
  • A windows system as Tomtom Home 2.1 is not available for Mac yet

Here’s how to get the downloaded maps to your SD card, so you can switch maps:

  • Put the SD card into the Tomtom
  • Connect the Tomtom to your computer and switch it on
  • On your computer, start Tomtom Home 2.1
  • Wait for the program to finish downloading updates
  • Notice that the maps are available as update!! and download them
  • Now here’s the trick: Simply proceed installing the maps to your Tomtom, the software automatically copies to SD card without even telling you!!
  • Wait for the install to finish, check if you have voices installed (the program normally does that for you)
  • Done

If you want to add voices, you could download these from the tomtom.com website and add them to the SD card without using the Tomtom Home software. Make sure they end up in a folder called VOICES.

Why can’t I copy the downloaded maps to the SD card without using Tomtom Home software?

That’s because of the product code and device code. With the downloaded maps, you don’t have to enter these anymore, the application takes care of it. If you copy the downloaded map to your SD Card, it will be unusable.

Do I need to copy the Tomtom application to the SD Card too?
Yes. You can boot your Tomtom with the card inserted, it needs the application and associated maps on the card.


Did you know that Tomtom is built into a Toyota Eclipse?

Here is a review at GPSreview: TomTom Eclipse AVN2210p GPS Review

Toyota Eclipse TomTom

[says: updates and applications: It is easy now to download and install the latest TomTom updates]

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